“Holy Smokes Batman”

That was some town hall meeting! Talk about “Hostile Takeovers”.  The meeting started out with a sitting board member/aspiring to get elected to the board again,  refusing to give up the microphone and spouting out inanities about how their side had been abused. It escalated from there to boos and hisses (their side).  I thought our side was much more intellectual, they kept yelling, ” you’re rude” at the boo’ers and hiss’ers.

Of course the moderator looked none the better when she took the microphone away from the disgruntled board member and had her escorted out of the building by a Sheriffs’ Deputy. But at least the moderator apologized to the disgruntled board member. She was allowed to come back in – in a much more subdued manner I might add. But she did not apologize, that would have been common courtesy.

The only ones who came out smelling like roses were three of the candidates – Margie Good, Keven Jones, and Kathy King. They kept their cool, did what they came there to do, which was inform the public about themselves as potential board members, and acted like the ladies and gentleman they were.

There was a lot of good comments from the public about the candidates. No one spoke to me about the disgruntled board member…I was the moderator.


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